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Biltong King



Full-flavoured and thirst-quenching South African Lager made with bottom fermented African Gold Barley from Caledon and Southern Star Hops from George
It is brewed in 9 countries but can be found in over 40 countries worldwide.
Awards: An internationally awarded and well-balanced beer, winning the Grand Champion Bottled Lager at the Brewing Industry International Awards at Burton-upon-Trent, England 1999, as well as a gold award at the Australian International Brewing Awards in 2000.
Brewing time: From barley to bottling, it takes a patient 18 days in total to create a Castle Lager.

Castle Lager 340ml x 24 - 5% alc/vol

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Castle Lite: Our Extra Cold Story 
1994. A new day dawned on South Africa, and with it came new opportunities, hopes and possibilities for all. It was in this atmosphere that Castle Lite burst into the beer market, challenging the status quo, changing the premium beer market forever.
Local and premium, it's the only South African beer served at -4 degrees. Our biggest accomplishment to date is changing the mindset of beer drinkers across our nation. Back in the day, light beer was for "lighties", but we deliver a full flavoured, smooth and refreshing taste, which invigorates and refreshes like only an extra cold Castle Lite can. 
Castle Lite is made extra cold and served extra cold. 
ABV: 4.0%     Energy: 125 kJ/100ml

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